Your miracles happen here...
Amazing things can happen when people come into
agreement. It's a principle directly from God's Word.  
We are dedicated to praying for people, just like you,
who desire to see the Holy Spirit's miracle-working
power unleashed into an Avalanche of Gods Favor and
Blessing into your Life.

"We are sharing with You strong  
and faithful intercessory prayer and
You will receive miracles in  your life
from God, in Jesus name."

Our promise to you...
1) We keep your prayer request private and in strict confidence
and will not release your name, prayer request or email address to
anyone outside our ministry.

2) We care about and respect you and we just want to pray for   
you, if you don’t want to be on the miracle prayer list let us know
and we remove you from our email list.

3) We are Christian prayer group called to pray for all people and
to show God’s love for you.

Get ready to see the Holy Spirit's
miracle-working power unleashed into
an Avalanche of Gods Favor and
Blessing into your Life...
Lets get started so
together with God it
will make things

With Love In Christ,
Brother Ben Ministries
"The Secret to Powerful Prayer"
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Your miracles happen here...
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Testimonies of
People who we
have Prayed for:
"...I was so happy to find
your site...It changed my
life. My home has been
saved from foreclosure, I
now know I my prayers get
answered...Thank You
again for the Free E-Books
you sent me"
Jackie -San Diego, CA

"...I needed this message...
Thanks for the Free E-Books...
God has restored so much that I health was a absolute
train wreak you name it I was
being attack by it... Thank God
for your intercessory Prayer

John -Dallas, TX

"...I had a successful  
construction company and I hurt
my back in a car accident I could
not work and I was in extreme
pain I lost my business that God
gave me...I responded to the will
of God, and filled out the Prayer
request and...My back is healed..
even with the down turn in the
economy my numbers of clients
has dubbled... Praise God and
thank you for Praying your
anointing prayer and standing in
agreement with me...The Free E-
Books you sent me were right on
target helping me with my new
life with Jesus"

Darnell -Atlanta, GA

" was like every devil in hell
was attacking  my family Kaleb
my  baby grandson was so ill
hospital the poor child of God
had so many IVs needles sticking
in him and he would just cry all
the time. It just broke our hearts
to see this little baby in so much
pain...I was desperate the when
we would go to the doctors said
there was little hope for recovery
I went on the Internet to look for
a prayer group and I found the
miracle prayer list...I was in tears
when I filled out Your Prayer
Request   I thought our problems
were just too big... Brother Ben
It is amazing my baby grandson
Kaleb is now healed...he is the
happiest grand baby in the
world. I thank you and thank
God for the ministry that you
have been called to do...Again I
want to thank you for the E-
Books you have been sending

Wanda -Dayton, OH

"...My wife was diagnosed with...
brest cancer...and it turned our
world upside down. We would
drive to Houston every week for
treatments. I was at a point in
my life that I would not want to
live without my wife that I have
known since grade school. I did
not think that prayer would
work at the time I was not a
Christian and with me be being
a... Medical faith
was in science not with God. I
had given up all hope and one
night I was up very late and was
on the Internet and saw a link for
your ministry and I filled out the
Prayer Request and sent it to
you for prayer I also requested
for a prayer of salvation...Janet
my wife was healed and now and
remains cancer free...I love being
a christian...Praise God... and
thank you, Brother Ben...

PS My wife Really likes the E-
Books you have been sending to

Dr. Bob -Austin, TX

"...Thank you Brother Ben for
your praying for my family there
is an incredible difference…we
have a blessed home… Praise

Mary - Detroit, MI

“…WOW!!!... The blessings...I
received was like God had every
Angel in heaven working on me
and my families Problems...
…Praise God... and thank you
Brother Ben…”

Jordan –Chicago, IL
"...My son was addictive to
crystal meth he lost his family
his job and was stealing tools
from his dad to take to the pawn
shop to sell he had hit rock
bottom. The meth had caused
him to lose his teeth he was in an
awful condition.  I was depressed
crying all the time I did not know
what to do with him. He was
arrested and I knew both he and I
needed help so I was looking for
a prayer group and I found you I
was touched by your simple
website and filled out the Prayer
Request sent it in to you. We had
a miracle we talked with the
Judge and the prosecutor and
they agreed to send him to drug
rehab. While he was in jail he had
found Jesus, prayed for salvation
and became a Christian – he has
completed the drug rehab
program is back to work and life
is getting so much better. Thank
You and Praise God..."

Judy –Tulsa, OK

“...I was demoted at my job and
had to take a very large pay
cut…I filled out the Prayer
Request…sent it in and Praise
God... I not only got back my old
job but I have new boss and...
new responsibilities and I am
now making lots more than

PS I LOVE the Free E-Books
you have been sending to me”

Kathy –Buffalo, NY
The Miracle Prayer List is
My friend, you are not bargaining with God or buying our prayers. Our
prayers are freely given.  Jesus said, “Freely you have received,
freely give” (Mt. 10:8 NIV). God has given his supernatural power and
anointing to me, not for myself, but for me to minister to you today.
That is why I give of myself and pledge to pour out my heart in prayer
for you.
Don’t let skepticism cause you to turn your back on God’s
love and keep you from receiving God’s Blessings in your
life.  Give it a try and let us start praying for you now. It
will work for you...

The truth is God loves you and He is answering prayers not just in Bible
times but TODAY in here and NOW. You will receive all of God’s blessing
prayer and you will receive that kind of prayer if you take action by getting
on the Miracle Prayer List.

The problems you may have had in the past by not receiving God’s
blessings are because you needed a really good prayer partner. Yes, you
needed a really good prayer partner who has a powerful anointing from
God to be praying for you in agreement with God’s Holy Word. Yes, Do You
know just how incredible your life could be and the awesome service you
could be for your loved ones and for Christ?  Yes, you would If you just
had a really good prayer partner who believes and prays with all their heart
that God’s best will show up in your life in Jesus’ Name...

You can start receiving from God that "...My Cup is
kind of blessings that God Has
Promised to You in the Bible

Why don’t you give prayer a try –it works!   Yes, take a chance on prayer.
And its super simple for you to get Miracle Prayer Now. God knows what
your wants needs and problems are and we will pray for you to receive all
of God’s blessings in your life.
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Email Newsletter icon, E-mail Newsletter icon, Email List icon, E-mail List icon Will You Let Us Pray For You? Start Now
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